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1. Prof Chalermchon Satirapod, GNSS CORS as the National Positioning & Timing Infrastructure to Support Thailand 4.0

2. Prof Chris Rizos, Is Our GNSS Capability Good Enough for Tomorrow’s New Demands?

3. Prof. Kai-Wei Chiang, From Mobile Mapping Systems to Autonomous Driving Applications: The Role of High Definition (HD) Maps

4. Prof. H.K. Lee, Fault Detection in Regional Ionosphere Estination by a GPS Receiver Network

5. Prof. Hungkyu Lee, Ellipsodially Referenced Surveys for Hydrography: Concept & Some Experience in Korea

6. Toshiaki Tsujii, Precise Point Positioning of Aircrafts using QZSS Messages

7. Baocheng Zhang, Status and Progress of the iGMAS Analysis Center at IGG